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Change Management

Facilitating change in organizations entails the use of a systems approach. It addresses the people and cultural aspects of large or small changes in technology, business functionality, or ways of doing things. Change is hard. Organizational investments in new systems and processes will fall short, if this element is neglected. The art and the science of change management entail customizing a robust strategy for the specific situation. It entails flexibility and creativity in:

  • Scoping of the change effort, conducting an initial stakeholder analysis and audience mapping, change readiness, and change impact assessments

  • Developing a change management and communications strategy and plans that will be integrated hand-in-glove with the project team efforts and is coordinated with the overall design, development, and implementation of the system, process, or other change

  • Deriving an overall change strategy that includes the development of plans for activities and deliverables through work streams that address—leadership alignment, strategic communications, end-user training, business readiness for go live, and team effectiveness

  • Ensuring the timely and effective execution of these elements to achieve project success.

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