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Charles Bargerstock, JD, EdD, has been an Organizational Change Manager and Communications Lead since 2004. He is:

  • Experienced in partnering with client organizations to achieve stakeholder and end user "buy-in" by crafting a course of action for "doing business a new way."

  • Credentialed in 3 best-practice Organizational Change Management methodologies, as applied to IT/enterprise project lifecycles: analyses, strategy, planning and execution, tools, and deliverables.

  • Skilled at establishing an OCM strategy to plan, develop, orchestrate, and deliver communications, training, performance support and business readiness activities that will support the change effort.  

Dr. Charles Bargerstock

JD, EdD. Organizational Change Manager and Communications Lead

Recent Consulting/Training Assignments 


Dr. Charles Bargerstock is currently accepting new projects at Vanguard Resource Group.

Charles Bargerstock has expertise as a Strategic Planning Facilitator, having utilized 5 different approaches with more than 25 different clients. This includes the Harvard Method to develop a Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, Strategic Goals and Objectives, and Action Planning.


Also, Weisbord’s Search Conference, Balanced Score Card, Open Space Meetings, and Implications Analysis.


He also can also custom-design a strategic planning workshop, as he did for a Coast Guard Command.  Defense clients include: US Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Dept. of Defense.


Current Work

Updates From Charles Bargerstock

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Charles Bargerstock.

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