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HR Effectiveness Audits

Through our HR audit planning, we determine the goals of the intervention and identify the customers (both internal and external) served by the HR team.  During the audit process, we:

  • Develop a sampling plan for engaging customers in how they see HR adding value

  • Communicate and gain commitments by customers of HR services

  • Conduct focus group sessions with HR customers to determine the best way to measure HR service effectiveness.  Work product: draft of HR satisfaction survey

  • Validate the survey by circulating draft to volunteer customers for feedback and critique

  • Finalize the HR satisfaction survey and plan for implementation

  • Distribute survey, record results, analyze data, and prepare baseline year report

  • Coach HR team on next steps for improving HR services


Our expertise involves opening "focus group" dialogues with your internal customers (typically hiring department head supervisors and senior managers) as the primary preliminary work for developing a valid satisfaction survey that baselines feedback on HR services.


We carefully design the data collection device to guide process improvement efforts and to allow for demographic breakdowns of subgroups.


We encourage that some of the focus group participants provide feedback of the instrument draft before finalizing and rolling out the survey.  

For more information, contact 

our lead HR Effectiveness Audit consultant:

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