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Jahn Ballard's 2019-20 consulting projects and duties

Current Leadership Roles:

(a) Founder and Director at

(b) Director and Chief Technical Officer at Performance Management Institute, Sebastopol, CA.

(c) COO at Ecology Artisans, Encinitas, CACOO at Landscape Function Management, Warner Springs Ranch, Julian, CA

(d) Co-Founder at Eagle Rock - regenerative investing in California

(e) Master Licensor, Financial Scoreboards/Kremer/Mobley Families, Lakewood, CO

Current Coaching and Executive Leadership projects:

(a) Cash Bloodhound service for Greenwich Investment Management’s Bond Portfolio, Stamford, CT

(b) Cash Command and Management Operating System Upgrade for Domenico’s Winery, San Carlos, CA

(c) Value Cycle Mapping and CEO Pro Forma for Timber Svcs & Laminate, Ltd, Brisbane

(d) Value Framework and Master Measures for Thanksgiving Coffee, Fort Bragg, CA

Collaborative Master Planning for Peacock Ranch, Ione, CA

(e) 30-day Rolling Pro Forma and 3 Bottom Line Analysis, Bridging Worlds Counseling Services, Sebastopol, CA

(f) MOS Upgrade Practice Development with Management Resources, a founding B Corp in the Metro NY Area.

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