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Our Services

Consulting & Training

All our experts subscribe to the The Vanguard Circle of Congruence in our consulting services. We seek to share a consistent strategic and operational vision, utilize relevant assessment tools, and adopt leading-edge methodologies for continuous business improvements.

All of the Vanguard consultants possess high-level executive responsibilities and strategic/operational consulting project experiences with organizations as diverse as Readers Digest, Starbucks, Lowe's, Duke Energy, US Patent & Trademark Office, and Allstate Insurance.  


Realign your senior management teams to produce high levels of effectiveness.


Engage employees to reveal the significant amount of undocumented business value in their brains.  


Discover how a world-class lean organization produces step-by-step excellence in products and services that build long-term customer loyalty.  


We offer strategic planning and deployment facilitation sessions, training in value-chain analysis that leads to the identification of high priorities for business process improvements, and simple yet sophisticated methodologies for articulating customer satisfaction with internal business services. 

We offer consulting and training services in these areas:

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