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Strategic Planning

An organization needs to know where it is heading. Our consultants have guided strategic planning events for numerous private sector and public sector organizations.


In our workshops and consultant-led facilitations, we:


  • Engage organizational leadership to clarify their purpose for engaging in planning and understanding what outcomes are desired, and how these fit into their larger context

  • Encourage leadership to include key stakeholders in the planning event

  • Determine the best-fit strategic planning methodology based on desired outcomes and maturity of existing strategy, and/or choice in the style of the approach. Techniques include developing roadmaps and action plans, organizational learning/planning via Search Conferences, Scenario Planning, Open Space Meetings, Implications Analysis.

  • Ensure that the client outcomes are achieved through consensus and are complete and validated before ending the planning event.  Next steps are identified and assigned.

  • Encourage and advise the client organization to establish a process for putting their plan into action, and for ensuring accountability for achieving goals and objectives, and for periodically revisiting and updating the plan.

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our Strategic Planning consultants:

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