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Our Testimonials


Regarding Andrew Bargerstock's Work

"Within six months of taking the recruiting practices workshop, we saved $100,000 and improved our department's internal satisfaction survey scores from 2.5 to 4.0 (5-point max. scale)."

VP Human Resources

Ohio hospital

"Bargerstock conducted 8 focus group meetings that resulted in the development of a valid internal customer satisfaction survey. Our internal customer managers were delighted. For the first time we base-lined the performance levels of our Employment Services Team. The survey gave us excellent feedback about how to improve services." 

HR Director

Large Midwest Hospital System

Regarding Jahn Ballard's Work

"Knowing the language of finance, and being able to understand Operating Cash Flow, Margins and Return on Assets better, as well as being able to understand the general financial picture, has been very helpful. I feel much more financially grounded."


Manufacturing Business

"As I'm trusting in the (Ballard-developed) scoreboard more. I now see a clearer picture of the underlying patterns in our business numbers."


Professional Association

"As reported by CEOs or CFOs from the 4 companies referred by you, the average improvement in Operating Cash Flow in the first year after implementing the Ballard Methods was 78%. Outstanding to see the impact be realized so quickly." 


PhD researcher

Regarding Charles Bargerstock's Work

"Thank you for facilitating our recent strategic planning conference. You and your dynamic associates facilitated thought provoking sessions, as we developed a vision and strategy to meet the future."

Lt. General

US Marines

"Charles Bargerstock distinguished himself as a knowledgeable instructor and facilitator by presenting TQM and business process improvement material in a manner relevant to the needs of the participants. He deftly guided discussions on class topics, case studies, and issues brought to class by participants and turned each into a valuable learning session."

Vice Admiral

US Navy

"Charles Bargerstock's efforts have been instrumental in establishing our scientific think tank. He guided the development of a charter and introduced methods that maximized our group dynamics. This includes numerous workshops and use of a wide range of tools to conduct strategic conversation in the Research and Development arena."


Federal Agency

Regarding Tom Palladino's Work

"During my MBA program, Thomas Palladino taught me HR Analytics. I also had an opportunity to work together with Tom and his team on an HR Analytics project (for a large restaurant chain) where we successfully identified the key drivers that help in improving employee productivity and also successfully developed a tool that enhanced the existing recruitment process. Tom's leadership skills, expertise and guidance were instrumental in the tremendous success of that project".  

MBA Student and Consulting Collaborator

"We grew our company from 1 employee to more than 300 employees and 6 offices in 5 big cities in Indonesia in just 11 months. We now have about 250 salespeople that are recruited using the unique method introduced by Refined Analytics, and we are now the leader in our industry nationwide. Our revenue has increased way more than 10,000% from thousands of dollars monthly to almost $1M a month. Thanks to Mr Palladino approach in hiring and retaining high performers, our salesforces are among the highest-paid salespeople in Indonesia, regardless of their backgrounds."


International AI Services Firm

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