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Vanguard Resource Group

Formed in 1988, Vanguard Resource Group, Inc. is an Iowa Corporation with a national scope in consulting services and training in human resource management, change management, and lean management and lean accounting. We embrace what we call the "Vanguard Circle of Congruence (VCC)" that seeks to share a consistent strategic and operational vision, utilize relevant assessment tools, and adopt leading-edge methodologies for continuous business improvements. Employee training and good communication are key elements of VCC.

Our Experts


Published Authors

National Award Winners

Fortune 500 Former Execs

Global Thought Leaders

Dr. Andrew Bargerstock

Vanguard’s founder is Andrew Bargerstock, MBA, CPA, PhD. His career spans human resource (HR) management, lean management / accounting, and sales management. The Institute for Management Accountants has recognized his expertise in Lean Accounting and Management.

Dr. Charles Bargerstock 

Charles Bargerstock, JD, EdD, has been an Organizational Change Manager and Communications Lead since 2004. A Strategic Planning Facilitator, he has credentials in three best-practice Organizational Change Management methodologies, as applied to IT/enterprise project lifecycles.

Thomas Palladino

Data-driven Human Resources professional, Thomas Palladino has global experience. He was an HR executive with Starbucks, using HR analytics to help penetrate China’s retail market. He currently teaches HR professionals how to use data to identify drivers that impact organizational performance.

Jahn Ballard

Jahn Ballard supports senior leaders in enterprises to systematically close shortfalls in the planning-to-performance gaps. In his book entitled Mastering Leadership Alignment: Linking Value Creation to Cash Flow (MLA), Jahn reveals the CashCommand™ methodology through 10 specific real-world client cases.

Our Areas of Expertise


Vanguard Resource Group Offers Consulting and Training In:

HR Effectiveness Audits
HR Analytics
HR Staffing
Strategic Planning
Change Management
Lean Management
Lean Accounting

Book By Two Vanguard Experts

mastering Leadership Alignment

Mastering Leadership Alignment

Linking Value Creation to Cash Flow

In 2017, Vanguard Resource Group's own Jahn Ballard and Andrew Bargerstock co-authored the book entitled Mastering Leadership Alignment: Linking Value Creation to Cash Flow (Business Expert Press, NY).


This book reveals a powerful methodology for closing business performance gaps by identifying the 3-5 most important breakdowns in key business processes and then showing how to resolve them by various value-centered improvement techniques.

Among techniques utilized in hands-on consultations with CEOs and senior teams: value chain analysis, articulation of the firm’s value cycle map, isolation of business process breakdowns, tools to align the senior management team, and how to assure continuous process improvement (CPI) progress. 

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