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Data-driven Human Resources professional with global experience.  Former HR executive with Starbucks where HR analytics assisted in the penetration into China’s retail market.

Specific specializations in: 

  • Cutting-edge HR diagnostic and engagement methodologies

  • Powerful assessment tools that take the risk out of hiring and promotions

  • Business-focused compensation solutions

  • Root cause analyses of team dysfunction

  • Start-up and acquisition evaluation to determine the likeliness of successful merger

Thomas Palladino

MBA, CPA, PhD. HR Analytics, Lean Management Lead.

Recent Consulting/Training Assignments 


Mr. Palladino currently teaches HR professionals how to use data to identify drivers that impact organizational performance. He also teaches how to use specific software to quickly identify behaviors, skills, and values that predict employee performance. 

Thomas Palladino has extensive experience in creating high-performance work teams and identifying the root cause of conflict. He has been heavily involved in successful mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Palladino has unique training that combines academic and practical learning. 


Current Work

Updates From Thomas Palladino

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Thomas Palladino

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